KeePassX on N900, usability improvements

I use KeePassX as Linux desktop application to manage my various connection accounts and passwords.
Thanks to KeePass portable vesion, I can open my database on any windows if necessary.,

A port on Maemo has been started but the application itself is really difficult to use without any specific tuning for mobile device like N900.
Main problems:

  • Too many menus so most actions are difficult to trigger
  • Drag’n'drop feature prevents to scroll either groups and entries views
  • Search feature is not accessible either by menu or toolbar text field
  • The application suffers from a bug: at startup it fails to open the last database file

As a quick improvements, I have decided to disable many actions to limit the number of menus. As a result, database creation and group management are no longer possible but now remaining operations are easily usable.

Here are packages generated on my laptop. Until I know how to publish in Extras repositories.

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